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I generate a diverse array of media formats to convey my clients' marketing messages. Whether you're interested in online flyers, infographics, videos, or eBooks, I specialize in creating visually engaging collateral that effectively communicates your business proposition with a powerful and appealing impact. Click on the examples below to view the full versions, and for videos, don't forget to turn up the volume for the full experience.

Featured Content Marketing Samples

Promotional Videos

Infographic created by Creative Collateral to market an Enterprice Case Managment solution offered by All My Papers, a financial technology company
Marketing flyer created by Creative Collateral for FIntegrate Technology, a fintech company
One page of a 24 page technology marketing document created by Creative Collateral for All My Papers, a fintech company
Brochure created by Creative Collateral in InDesign for The Chambers Group, a Property Management Company

Infographics and

Digital Brochures

Infographic illustrating Premier Textile Restoration's service area and describing the services it provides
Infographic created by Creative Collateral for Premier Textile Restorations illustrating PTR's restoration process.
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