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My Background

While working in software development, I found myself gravitating toward sales support and marketing roles. I pursued my passion and moved into technical marketing and sales support positions with large technology companies. 


These positions enabled me to capitalize on my technical expertise and sharpen my sales and marketing skills. This highly challenging work allowed me to gain extensive experience marketing technology solutions in a variety of industries.

Clean Modern Desk

After a rewarding career with large corporations, I embraced the opportunity to transition to a small financial technology company where I was challenged to expand my marketing skills further, encompassing branding, strategy and content creation.

It was there I realized how much I enjoyed helping businesses take advantage of marketing technology to grow revenue and expand into new areas. This led to my decision to specialize in offering professional and affordable marketing services to small businesses.

Drawing on my technical, sales and marketing experience, I help small businesses identify and capitalize on what them unique and bring current marketing technology to bear in the most effective way.

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